Darrin’s Coffee: A Local Perk

Darrin Marion knows his beans. A self-taught coffee connoisseur, this laid-back brewmeister has already placed his stamp on Zionsville thanks, in part, to the Farmers Market.

Darin's CofeeAfter having worked for a well-known coffee company, Darrin was curious as to whether he could roast coffee beans himself, and perhaps improve upon the flavor. Friends helped him tweak the nuances, and it wasn’t long before he saw a little revenue come in. It was time to take it to the masses, and Darrin’s Coffee Co. quickly gained popularity on the north side of Indy.

It seems that beans grown at different altitudes and in different geographical regions require different treatment, with regard to ‘burning’ them, as Darrin called the roasting process. So, he takes the time and effort to treat each one according to its profile.

Who knew there was so much to learn about coffee?

Darrin sells his custom coffee blends in his store on Main Street and online. Stop in – he’d love to meet you!  www.darrinscoffee.com

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