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By: Denise Reiter. Photos by JJ Kaplan

Nestled among the gently rolling hills of southwestern Boone County you can treat yourself to one of the most exquisite dining experiences in Indiana – perhaps the entire Midwest – by enjoying a meal on the deck at The Loft Restaurant at Traders Point Creamery. Once you’ve finished your delectable, fresh-from-the-farm dinner (or breakast or lunch), sit back and take in the sights and sounds of this centuries-old, family-owned farm.

Owners Fritz and Jane Kunz

Owners Fritz and Jane Kunz

Just simply listen. As your senses soak in your surroundings, you’ll begin to detect a palpable rhythm. It’s unmistakable. Whether it’s the breeze gently rippling through a welcoming archway of Indiana willows, the distant moo-ing of a contented cow, the pleasant chatter of patrons and foodies enjoying delights only dreamed of, or the quiet hum of farm workers going about their chores — the harmonious composition is there, played out as a most remarkable and beautiful symphony.

Part of this summer’s particular symphony has been a flurry of construction cacophony to prepare for the celebration of Traders Point Creamery’s 10-year anniversary. And to commemorate the special occasion, the farm is about to get better — if that’s possible!

Thanks to continued, steady growth over the last decade, TPC has expanded its capacity to serve more customers. Big plans brought about many changes including the addition of a new stove and an enlarged kitchen; a beautifully landscaped new slate patio and firepit on the first balcony; a new Dairy Bar service window; and a third floor addition for private parties, group meetings and special events. “These exciting changes will give us a total of three balconies for

Loft Restaurant

our patrons to appreciate our spectacular view while enjoying meals fit for a king, or having a glass of wine and sampling of our popular cheese board,” stated Gail Alden, Marketing Director at Traders Point Creamery. “We estimate we’ll be able to serve twice as many people outside on the decks with our expansion. It’s really going to be fabulous!”

Like a magnificent masterpiece, painstakingly created by artisans who clearly love their craft, the foods that TPC produces and serves to customers of all ages and from nearly all corners of the world, are unequivocally world-class and of the highest quality available anywhere. From the organic garden in view from your table, to the 100% grass-fed herd, to the cheese cave or the organic wines — each component comes together for an unforgettable dining experience rivaling any restaurant far and wide. Best of all, it’s right in Zionsville’s backyard!

One of the best-kept secrets about Traders Point Creamery is dinner. Once breakfast and lunch are over, The Loft takes on a lovely upscale, rustic chic atmosphere. Menus are changed for the evening crowd to please even the most sophisticated palates, including items like pate´ and quail. Candles are placed and lit on all the beams giving a warm and enchanting appeal. White linens drape all the tables. Wine is available for patrons, and very often there is live music. Instead of the all-too-often outdoor dining view of a restaurant’s parking lot, TPC diners lookout over a panoramic view of the farm and its trees and peaceful pastures. It doesn’t get much better than this.

However, the real symphony of Traders Point Creamery lies in the beauty and simple

 Owners Peter “Fritz” Kunz and Jane Elder Kunz.

Owners Peter “Fritz” Kunz and Jane Elder Kunz.

philosophy behind this generational farm. Orchestrating the inner workings behind the scenes are TPC owners, Peter “Fritz” Kunz and Jane Elder Kunz. Immediately when you meet them, it’s apparent they have long been aware of the pivotal connection between the land and food. In fact, their passion about honoring the way food is made can be downright contagious. “We really believe we are not owners of the land, but rather caretakers of the land for the next generation,” said Jane.

Jane and Fritz were very young when they first met. Both were students at The Orchard School in Indianapolis – Jane a kindergartner, Fritz a first-grader. When Jane inherited her family’s farm from her 104-year old grandmother, the couple did some soul-searching about what would be the best thing to do with the land. They wanted to preserve the family farm and continue to improve on their grandparents’ legacy of sensible, sustainable low-input agriculture. The two key influences that pointed them toward beginning an organic dairy farm were that the Elder farm had had dairy cattle on its property for more than 50 years; and, Fritz is a physician. Health and nutrition have naturally been an important and permanent part of their family’s interests.

After meeting the challenge of becoming USDA Organic Certified, which means they waited for three years for all traces of chemicals to leave the farm’s grasses and land, TPC became the first organic dairy farm in the state of Indiana. Fritz and Jane were pioneers in every sense of the word because there were no other organic dairy farms around to draw support from back then. They learned the meaning of being organic in a very practical and methodical way by researching, seeking out the facts, visiting farms and asking questions.

The Dairy Barn was their first initiative, serving organic whole milk, ice cream, milk shakes and smoothies. Then TPC followed with the Loft Restaurant offering breakfast, lunch and dinner six days a week (no dinner on Mondays.) From there, the popularity of the goodness of their food took over and the rest is history.

Not only did TPC pioneer the way for organic dairy farming in Indiana, but they’ve been pathfinders in other areas, as well. TPC was the first producer in the United States to offer glass jars for single-serving yogurt providing premium appearance, material health, and recyclability. Fleur de la Terre, a classic Gouda, is one of their award-winning cheeses. “We’ve become disconnected from our food, and TPC wants to see farms survive in an urban setting,” said Fritz. “Having food near where you live, eat and work is ideal because it’s important for people to see how food gets made and how it is grown. Farms in a suburban setting create public conversations, they create jobs, and farms stimulate other businesses in the community. It can be a great relationship.

“Here at TPC, we’re hoping our little flagship farm could be a reinvention of agriculture and a model for private greenspace use, so there’s not always a drain on the public sector to support parks and public space. Instead of getting rid of farms to build a subdivision or a strip mall, why can’t farms be private greenspaces that are viable, sustainable, affordable and beneficial to a community’s economy and its continued vibrancy?”

TPC is an advocate of preservation as evidenced by its admittance into the National Register for Historic Places recognizing the farm as a federally designated area.

Traders Point Creamery is more than a working organic farm and a manufacturer of award-winning products. If you live on this planet, you are aware that eating healthily is on the forefront of most Americans’ minds. Research tells us daily about the ever-growing connection between the food we put into our bodies and disease. Eating foods that are as fresh as possible, not highly processed and untouched by chemicals have been closely associated with longevity and healthy living. TPC has been conducting its business in alignment with those principles for the last 10 years and plans to sustain that mission for future generations.

Visit Traders Point Creamery and experience a harmonious blend of sights and sounds, celebrating the enjoyment of food and where food is created. Their 10-year celebration honors a special place where the most pristine elements come together to create a symphonic masterpiece. Traders Point Creamery is truly a marvelous composition of the purest kind — and it’s all there, just waiting for your palate to enjoy!


• Ice Cream special coupons during the month of August
• The Last Summer Dinner on Deck will be hosted by Guest Chef Tom Santelli, a local Zionsville resident
• Lobsterfest on Friday, August 30
• Wine and Cheese Tasting Party on the Deck and Patio in September.

There will be more events announced. Readers can go to the website for upcoming details and Anniversary events ww.tpforganics.com

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